Episode 1

In 2004, someone releases a weird video game about dreams. It’s just a small, amateur game, made with software designed for hobbyists, and barely anyone notices it when it’s first released. But over the years, it develops a huge and passionate fan base. So what’s the deal with Yume Nikki?

Episode 2

Yume Nikki wasn’t released with much fanfare. Just a post on a Japanese forum, on a Sunday evening, in the summer of 2004. That’s almost 14 years ago. So what happened between then and now? And what happened to the game’s enigmatic creator?

Episode 3 (Interlude)

It’s been years since anyone last heard from Kikiyama. But halfway through making this podcast, something happened. And so, this means a brief update, an interlude, and a change of direction…

Episode 4

An update on what we know about Yume Nikki‘s return. Plus, the investigation takes us to Japan – a country of rich tradition and culture, but whose recent years have been blighted by tragedy.

Episode 5

More clues arrive about the new Yume Nikki. Meanwhile, Lewis spends time with the community, and tries to find out what makes them tick.

Episode 6

A new Yume Nikki game has been announced. Lewis gets a reaction from Jon Calvin, speaks to the game’s developers, and recalls on old conversation.

Episode 7

In the Dream Diary finale, Lewis looks at the legacy Kikiyama and their game have left – and ponders on whether we’re any closer to understanding what the deal is with Yume Nikki.